3D Maze Remix Version 1.0

Download for Windows | Download for OS X | Download for Linux For the last few months I've been learning Unity and C#, and this is the first real thing I've made: 3D Maze Remix. It's a playable, interactive version of the 3D Maze screensaver that first shipped in Windows 95. No original code was … Continue reading 3D Maze Remix Version 1.0

PowerShell: Log Manager/Cleanup (Update 1.7)

In my environment, I need to keep an archive of some log files for a period of time, whereas other logs are not so critical, and some applications generate logs which are already compressed into ZIP files daily. So I have all these different requirements for logs. I don't want them filling up my server … Continue reading PowerShell: Log Manager/Cleanup (Update 1.7)

PowerShell: Create Exchange Mailboxes For AD Users (Update 1.7)

Recently I needed to write a PowerShell script to create Exchange mailboxes for new users in Active Directory. The script needed to create the mailboxes, use different databases, retention policies, and take users from several Organisational Units along with users in child OUs. This script is also available to download from the Microsoft TechNet Script Center and the … Continue reading PowerShell: Create Exchange Mailboxes For AD Users (Update 1.7)