Windows Server Status Monitor – Update v1.4

Download it from the Microsoft TechNet Gallery the PowerShell Gallery and GitHub.

2019-02-23 Update: Version 1.6 has now been released, you can check out the new features on the announcement post here.

Today I’ve released an update to my Windows Server Status Monitor PowerShell script. Version 1.4 brings a few updates:

  • Offline servers will always be at the top of the page.
  • Servers are sorted alphabetically, regardless of what order they are specified in the TXT file.
  • The script can now be run in monitor mode or a one time report mode.
  • The monitor mode will produce a configurable, auto refreshing web page that you can use as a live status monitor.

Whether you only have a few servers or a hundred, this utility can be used to monitor them and alert you about problems.

My original post with the full documentation is available here.

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  1. Hello Mike, how are you ? Thank you for your fantastic code help me a lot . There is possible export to database or csv, txt file ? For God, I need this 🙂 . If you can please post in your profile or blog. Thanks a lot


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