Personal Update

Hi there,

I’ve not written many posts this year and that’s because it’s just been a crazy year for me. I’ve a new job (which is going well), new and larger team (who are all great), larger company and so on. I’ve made some choices about how much time I spend on the internet and on personal projects to manage my work/life balance and mental health.

If you’ve commented or read a post, thank you and I hope I’ve helped you or someone else who’s commented has helped you. I’ve attempted to stay on top of comments and try to help people out where I can, but I’m afraid I just don’t seem to be able to find the time these days.

I still do the same type of work, I manage OS deployment and work a lot with PowerShell.  I use the same scripts that I’ve written about on this site and still deploy Windows in the same way. I intend on posting any important developments that may help the larger community still but I’m afraid I don’t intend on adding features to any scripts by request. I’ve always made the code public and tried to be as transparent as I can be with how the scripts are put together and I have absolutely no problem with anyone forking the scripts – this is why I made them all available on GitHub.

One last thing I wanted to say, recently I’ve been disappointed by how the Windows division at Microsoft has been operating. The October update roll out was a mess, Microsoft should be better at this by now and should be working harder at building trust in Windows 10, which didn’t have a great reputation and now is much worse. I’m still signed up to the Windows Insider program and enjoy seeing what’s coming in future updates, but Microsoft need to slow down with the Windows 10 updates or make sure they’re actually ready to roll out before doing so, or both. In some ways Microsoft seem to be treating Windows 10 like a social experiment instead of an Operating System. Don’t get me wrong, tech moves fast and Windows needed to be released more regularly. It’s good to have frequent updates that support the latest hardware and technologies and keep the OS secure, but I think the current cadence is too fast. I think Microsoft just need to have a bit of a sit down, a cup of tea and a bit of a think about how they move forward in 2019 with Windows.

Thanks again for reading and following the site. I’m not shutting this site down, I’m glad it’s helped others and hopefully will continue to do so.


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