Remove Win10 Apps Utility

Customisable Windows 10 app removal utility

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Features and Requirements

  • The utility will remove specified built-in apps for the current logged on user.
  • The utility will remove specified provisioned built-in apps from the system.
  • This utility can be used for imaging and OS deployment, as well as single user.
  • The utility requires a text file with a list of the apps to remove.
  • This utility has been tested on Windows 10.


How To Get Create A List of Apps To Remove

To use the utility you’ll need to make a text file with a list of the apps to remove.

To get a list of installed built-in apps for the current user:

Get-AppxPackage | Select Name

To get a list of all the apps, use this command in an elevated PowerShell session:

Note: Provisioned apps are the built-in apps that will be installed for all new users when they first log on.

Get-AppxProvisionedPackage -Online | Select Displayname

Below is a table of app names in PowerShell and what they are in Windows. You can use this table to create your own removal list instead of the above method if you prefer.

PowerShell Display Name Description Application in Start Menu
Microsoft.BingWeather Weather app
Microsoft.DesktopAppInstaller System None
Microsoft.GetHelp Help app
Microsoft.Getstarted Tips app
Microsoft.HEIFImageExtension System None
Microsoft.Messaging Messaging app
Microsoft.Microsoft3DViewer 3D Viewer app
Microsoft.MicrosoftOfficeHub Office 365 hub app
Microsoft.MicrosoftSolitaireCollection Collection of games
Microsoft.MicrosoftStickyNotes Sticky Notes app
Microsoft.MixedReality.Portal Mixed Reality app
Microsoft.MSPaint Paint 3D app
Microsoft.Office.OneNote OneNote app
Microsoft.OneConnect ??? None
Microsoft.People Contacts management app
Microsoft.Print3D 3D Printing app
Microsoft.ScreenSketch Screen shot app
Microsoft.SkypeApp Skype app
Microsoft.StorePurchaseApp System None
Microsoft.VP9VideoExtensions System None
Microsoft.Wallet System None
Microsoft.WebMediaExtensions System None
Microsoft.WebpImageExtension System None
Microsoft.Windows.Photos Microsoft Photos app – 2 shortcuts

Microsoft.WindowsAlarms Clock and Alarms app
Microsoft.WindowsCalculator Calculator app
Microsoft.WindowsCamera Camera app
microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps Calendar and Mail apps

Microsoft.WindowsFeedbackHub Feedback Hub app
Microsoft.WindowsMaps Bing Maps app
Microsoft.WindowsSoundRecorder Audio recording app
Microsoft.WindowsStore Microsoft Store app
Microsoft.Xbox.TCUI System, part of Xbox None
Microsoft.XboxApp Xbox Console Companion app
Microsoft.XboxGameOverlay System, part of Xbox None
Microsoft.XboxGamingOverlay Xbox Game Bar app
Microsoft.XboxIdentityProvider System, part of Xbox None
Microsoft.XboxSpeechToTextOverlay System, part of Xbox None
Microsoft.YourPhone Phone linking app
Microsoft.ZuneMusic Groove Music app
Microsoft.ZuneVideo Films & TV app



The table below shows the command line options available with descriptions and example configurations.


Command Line Switch Description Example
-List The full path to the txt file listing the apps to remove. C:\scripts\w10-apps-1909.txt
-L The path to output the log file to. The file name will be Remove-W10-Apps_YYYY-MM-dd_HH-mm-ss.log Do not add a trailing \ backslash. C:\scripts\logs
-NoBanner Use this option to hide the ASCII art title in the console. N/A


Remove-W10-Apps.ps1 -List C:\scripts\w10-apps-1909.txt -L C:\scripts\logs

The above command will remove the apps listed in the specified text file, and will generate a log file.


Change Log

2020-03-13: Version 20.03.13 ‘Cool’

  • Refactored code.
  • Backwards compatible.
  • Added logging.
  • Added config report when ran.
  • Added ASCII banner art when run in the console.
  • Added option to disable the ASCII banner art.

2019-12-03 v2.0

  • First public release.

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