Hyper-V Backup Utility – Update 20.02.28

Flexible Hyper-V Backup Utility Just a minor update to fix a non-critical issue with the previous version and to bring it in line with the recent update of the Image Factory Utility.   2020-02-28: Version 20.02.28 ‘Artifact’ Fixed e-mail report extra line breaks in Outlook 365, Version 2001. Config report matches design of Image Factory... Continue Reading →

Image Factory Utility – Update 20.02.24

Automate Creation of WIM Files I've just completed testing the new Image Factory Utility. It's been completely overhauled and has some small new features added.   2020-02-27: Version 20.02.24 ‘Robot’ New features: Refactored code. Fully backwards compatible. Added ASCII banner art when run in the console. Added option to disable the ASCII banner art.  ... Continue Reading →

Hyper-V Backup Utility – Update 20.02.14

Flexible Hyper-V Backup Utility I've spent the past week away from home, and so I've been working on refactoring my Hyper-V Backup Utility and adding new features requested by users.   Version 20.02.14 ‘Valentine’ Current known issues: The e-mail report has extra line breaks in Outlook 365, Version 2001. New features: Refactored code. Fully backwards... Continue Reading →

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