Internet Access Control Utility

Control Internet access with Windows Firewall

Internet Access Control Utility can also be downloaded from:

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Features and Requirements

  • It requires Windows Firewall to be active.

This utility has been tested on Windows 10.



The table below shows all the command line options available with descriptions and example configurations.

Command Line Switch Description Example
-Disable Block the internet. Create the firewall rule to block ports 80 and 443 N/A
-Enable Allow the internet. Removes the firewall rule created, allowing the ports 80 and 443 N/A
-L The path to output the log file to. The file name will be Inet-Access-Control_YYYY-MM-dd_HH-mm-ss.log. Do not add a trailing \ backslash. C:\scripts\logs
-NoBanner Use this option to hide the ASCII art title in the console. N/A



Internet-Access-Control.ps1 -Disable -L C:\scripts\logs

The above command will disable the internet access using Windows Firewall and the log file will be output to C:\scripts\logs.


Change Log

2020-03-18: Version 20.03.18 ‘Lock’
  • Improved feedback in the console and log.
  • Improved documentation.

2020-03-17: Version 20.03.17 ‘Lock’

  • Added logging.
  • Added config report.
  • Made available on PowerShell gallery.
  • Refactored code.


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