3D Maze Remix Dev Diary #1

I’ve started work on 3D Maze Remix to add some features I’ve been wanting to figure out for a while. As I’m still learning C# and Unity the pretty simple sounding additions take longer than I initially thought.

Here’s what I’ve been working on.


  • Adding autonomous movement to the rat entity

Making the rat move and not clip through the walls, floor or ceiling meant adding collision to the rat but allowing the player and rat to pass through each other. So, I learned about and used Layer-based collision detection. https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/LayerBasedCollision.html


  • Fixing various visual bugs

Spotted what appeared to be a weird visual bug when pausing or reaching the finish screen and attempted to fix. It turned out that it was due to me having the gismos enabled in the game view of Unity and it was the edge of the canvas.

A few images appear to have additional partially transparent pixels in the backgrounds, but they do not appear in photoshop, only in the Unity editor. I’ll investigate further.


  • Add autonomous movement for the player

I want to add an option to have autonomous movement for the player character so the game can run without user interaction like the original screen saver. I am currently using the same script as with the rat and it works however movement is not ideal and when the player interacts with a pickup object and the camera rotates the “view” disconnects. This is probably due to a work around I introduced in an earlier version. I will work on finding a better workaround and fixing this issue.


  • General clean up

I removed the point light from the player character as it didn’t serve much purpose except the add additional light to the pickup objects.


The current version of 3D Maze Remix is available on my itch.io page.

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Many thanks to my patrons!

Kayleigh Price
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Lukáš Maršálek
Michael Agu
Rick Olsen

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