An explanation and changes ahead for the coming year.

Hi all, You might have noticed some changes in the last few months to the site and the content - specifically that some posts go up with passwords on them initially and I want to explain why this is. I’ve decided to start a Patreon and also accept donations from anyone who is willing to... Continue Reading →

Updating “Weird Al” Yankovic’s track It’s All About The Pentiums

I'm a big Weird Al fan, and going through some of his work I came across 'It's All About The Pentiums'. If you're not aware Weird Al Yankovic is a musician and comedian. He writes parodies of popular songs and has been for the last few decades. I thought I could update this track in... Continue Reading →

It’s time to update.

As you may be able to tell I've updated the site design and structure to assist in finding the most relevant information. I've also recently updated all my PowerShell utilities to support custom subject lines in the email output, along with a few other improvements and fixes. The best place to get my most up... Continue Reading →

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