First Impressions with Project xCloud Preview

For the last couple of days I've been trying out Microsoft's Project xCloud game streaming service which is currently in preview. You can sign up to try it out yourself here. To get straight to it, the service has worked well for me. There have been some audio glitches, and in some situations - like... Continue Reading →

Bash Bunny Payload: Garfield steals passwords with LaZagne

The Bash Bunny is a USB attack platform developed by Hak5 a security research group. It's a  device that looks like a USB memory stick, except it is a small computer running a Debian based Linux OS with a desktop class SSD and a quad core ARM processor. It can be configured to be a... Continue Reading →

Elevating Permissions To Disable Windows Defender

I’ve been developing a new payload for the Bash Bunny using external tools but a lot of them get flagged by Windows Defender - so I turned my attention to disabling Windows Defender and found some interesting information. I wanted to disable Windows Defender temporarily, just enough time to run the attack and then re-enable... Continue Reading →

Bash Bunny Primer

The Bash Bunny is a USB attack platform developed by Hak5 a security research group specialising in the development of network/system penetration testing tools and educational content. If you'd like to find out more information, you can find them here: Twitter | YouTube | The Bash Bunny is an excellent pentesting tool. It looks... Continue Reading →

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