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3D Maze Remix - Update v1.4

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3D Maze Remix

Update v1.4

Download from, available for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Once again, I’ve updated 3D Maze Remix with some new features that I’ve wanted to put in the game since I started developing it. I don’t consider this project “finished” just yet, as I’d like to improve the AI in the “demo” mode and make it more true to the original 3D Maze screensaver, which has been my aim throughout the entire project. So why am I releasing this if it’s not finished and needs refining? As I’m learning Unity and C#, I want to show the progress of my work at self-imposed milestones. 3D Maze Remix v1.1 is still available on the Microsoft Store and provides an interesting look back to the original version of the game.

v1.4 Change Log

  • Added autonomous movement to the “rat” character.
  • Added “demo” mode. Allowing the player character to move autonomously like the original screensaver.
  • Added display resolution options.
  • General clean up and optimisations.

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