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Hyper-V Backup Utility - Update 20.07.13

Flexible Hyper-V Backup Utility

A substantial update in terms of changes made under the hood, but I’ve also added a few new options requested by users. The biggest change is that errors are now handled properly and reported to the user in a reliable manner. All the changes are summarized below.

Version 20.07.13

  • Added -ShortDate option. This will create backups with only the Year, Month, Day as the file name.
  • Added pass through for 7-Zip options - CPU threads to use and compression level.
  • Added proper error handling so errors are properly reported in the console, log and email.
  • Bug fixes to create folders when paths are configured without the folders existing.

  Hyper-V Backup Utility can be downloaded from:

See the full documentation available here. A demonstration video is available on my YouTube channel.

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