Installing and Configuring Domain Controllers with Windows Server 2016 Core

Windows Server Core is an ideal choice for Active Directory Domain Controllers due to it's low resource usage and greatly reduced attack surface. In this post I'll go through the initial steps on how to deploy a new Active Directory forest and add an additional Domain Controller to the domain, and finally I'll run some... Continue Reading →

Control and Automate the Licensing of Office 365 Users

Update 2018-11-04: I've evolved the script in this post into a more friendly utility which I've posted about here. If you are familiar with my other PowerShell scripts/utilities this isn't as complete or polished as them, but it get's the job done, and that's all we can really ask for right? Let's say it's in... Continue Reading →

Upgrading to Windows 10 1703 (Creators Update) with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit

If you're looking to deploy the latest version of Windows 10 1703 (better known as the Creators Update) as a fresh install, please check out this post. This post is designed to walk through installing and configuring Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and to create a Task Sequence to upgrade to Windows 10 1703 from a previous version of Windows.... Continue Reading →

Auto Create Exchange Mailboxes v1.8

I needed to write a PowerShell utility to create Exchange mailboxes for new users in Active Directory. The utility needed to create the mailboxes, use different databases, retention policies, and take users from several Organisational Units along with users in child OUs. This utility is available to download from the Microsoft TechNet Gallery, PowerShell Gallery and GitHub.... Continue Reading →

Deploying a Windows 10 1607 Reference Image with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 8443

Continuing on from my previous post (Building a Windows 10 1607 Reference Image with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 8443) I'll be continuing my series of deploying Windows 10 1607 with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit build 8443. In this post we'll be building a task sequence to deploy the reference image created previously and we'll also be tackling... Continue Reading →

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