PowerShell: E-mail Anywhere

In my previous scripts I've included a function to send log files to an on-premises Exchange server. I've now put together an example script to improve this function to send emails to external e-mail providers, for example: Office 365, Outlook.com or GMail.com. I've added this code to all of my previous scripts both here on … Continue reading PowerShell: E-mail Anywhere

PowerShell: Create Exchange Mailboxes For AD Users (Update 1.7)

Recently I needed to write a PowerShell script to create Exchange mailboxes for new users in Active Directory. The script needed to create the mailboxes, use different databases, retention policies, and take users from several Organisational Units along with users in child OUs. This script is also available to download from the Microsoft TechNet Script Center and the … Continue reading PowerShell: Create Exchange Mailboxes For AD Users (Update 1.7)