3D Maze Remix – now available on the Microsoft Store

Just a quick news post to say that my game 3D Maze Remix is now available on the Microsoft store for Windows 10 devices. Check out this page for more information on the game and downloads for other Operating Systems. -Mike, @Digressive on Twitter

3D Maze Remix Version 1.1 Update

Version 1.1 Update Now Available in the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 Download for Windows | Download for OS X | Download for Linux I've been working on an update to 3D Maze Remix - a small game I made based on the Windows 95 screensaver: 3D Maze. This update focuses on making the game … Continue reading 3D Maze Remix Version 1.1 Update

App Spotlight: Groove Music

Update 02/10/2017: The Groove Music service is being discontinued, here's the blog post from Microsoft covering the details. A small home project I've been working on recently is trying to consolidate all my personal music files along with deciding on a streaming service. Up until now I've only had my music files on my main … Continue reading App Spotlight: Groove Music

3D Maze Remix Version 1.0

Download for Windows | Download for OS X | Download for Linux For the last few months I've been learning Unity and C#, and this is the first real thing I've made: 3D Maze Remix. It's a playable, interactive version of the 3D Maze screensaver that first shipped in Windows 95. No original code was … Continue reading 3D Maze Remix Version 1.0

Quick Tip: Windows 10 Screenshots

You're probably aware that the Print Screen captures a screenshot and stores it in the clipboard. What you may not know is that Win + Print Screen also captures a screenshot and saves it in Pictures\Screenshots. When you press the key combination, the screen will dim for a second. Man, you learn something new everyday. Additionally if … Continue reading Quick Tip: Windows 10 Screenshots

App Spotlight: Plex

Recently I've been looking at my home NAS/media server setup and been wanting to update it. Up until now, I've either watched movie and TV show DVD rips locally on my PC or on my Xbox 360/One through the media apps, served via DNLA from my old QNAP NAS. At some point the experience became very … Continue reading App Spotlight: Plex

Let’s take a look at Windows 10/Xbox’s ‘Play Anywhere’ feature

Time for a fun post. As a Xbox and PC gamer, I wanted to check out whether the 'Play Anywhere' feature worked as well I'd imagined and hoped. I'm glad to say it did, but here's a short video taking a look at what the experience is like for a first time user. -Mike @Digressive … Continue reading Let’s take a look at Windows 10/Xbox’s ‘Play Anywhere’ feature