PowerShell: Windows Server Status Monitor (Update 1.3)

I wanted to create a script to generate a status report from a list of servers. It needed to highlight any metrics that were outside of a customization threshold visually and be able to e-mail the report or run continuously and be a rudimentary system monitor. Based on a script from Bhavik Solanki (on TechNet) and … Continue reading PowerShell: Windows Server Status Monitor (Update 1.3)

PowerShell: E-mail Anywhere

In my previous scripts I've included a function to send log files to an on-premises Exchange server. I've now put together an example script to improve this function to send emails to external e-mail providers, for example: Office 365, Outlook.com or GMail.com. I've added this code to all of my previous scripts both here on … Continue reading PowerShell: E-mail Anywhere

PowerShell: Log Manager/Cleanup (Update 1.7)

In my environment, I need to keep an archive of some log files for a period of time, whereas other logs are not so critical, and some applications generate logs which are already compressed into ZIP files daily. So I have all these different requirements for logs. I don't want them filling up my server … Continue reading PowerShell: Log Manager/Cleanup (Update 1.7)

Automating Chatty Maintenance With PowerShell

Chatty is a popular chat application for streaming site Twitch.tv. It is generally used for interacting in channel chat rooms as well as logging, running scripts, and live statistics. Due to this feature set, some users run it 24/7. One problem that exists is that the logs don't get separated, even if the program is restarted, the log continues on in the same file. Over time this log file can get rather large. Additionally Chatty needs to exit gracefully to save any configuration changes.