Get Started with Windows Update for Business (WUfB)

You may have seen the option to use Windows Update for Business and wondering what it brings to the table when compared to WSUS and SCCM. Windows Update for Business (WUfB) is a good way of simplifying and automating the deployment of Windows Updates without using any on-premises infrastructure. The downside is that you do... Continue Reading →

Managing Windows Updates with Group Policy

In this post I'll walk through how I manage and test the delivery of Windows Updates to all my clients and servers. I'll also go through how I manage essential servers like Domain Controllers, Hyper-V hosts and I'll touch on getting started with Cluster-Aware Updating. We're going to group our machines into Clients and Servers,... Continue Reading →

Automated WSUS Maintenance Utility Update v1.7

Download it from the Microsoft TechNet Gallery, PowerShell Gallery and GitHub. I've released a major update to my Automated WSUS Maintenance utility. If you are using a previous version, please update to this new one. Fixed in version 1.7: The script will now not run the cleanup process twice. The script will now report if the... Continue Reading →

Altering an MDT Task Sequence to Update from Windows Update

I've been revisiting my MDT process as I wanted to try and use Windows Update to get drivers during deployment - by itself this is not a problem, I can just remove the WSUSServer=http://wsus:8530 configuration from the CustomSettings.ini. However as the device is added to the domain, Group Policy will configure the device to use... Continue Reading →

Rethinking The Need For WSUS

Windows Server Update Services, along with a growing list of other traditional Microsoft server products, seems to be in 'maintenance mode' at best. It's been on my mind as to whether they're going to release a cloud based version in Azure (unless they already have something like that and I've missed it) or if they're... Continue Reading →

Installing and Configuring Windows Server Update Services with Windows Server 2016 Core

Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) can use a lot of resources, so why not use Windows Server Core and make the most of the resources you have. In this post I'll go through the initial steps on how to deploy and configure a WSUS server using command line and PowerShell. Important note: If you need... Continue Reading →

Windows Update Error Codes

A mirror of should it ever go down. These are old, but are occasionally still useful. Please excuse the formatting errors, it might be worth copy and pasting out to an Excel spreadsheet. If you'd like to get in touch with me please use the comments, Twitter or my contact form. I hope this article helps... Continue Reading →

From Zero to 10 – Windows 10 Deployment Round-up

This is a round-up all my previous posts regarding deployment and configuring Windows 10, installing  Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and Windows Server Update Services into one post for reference.   Installing and Configuring a WSUS Server Installing WSUS from scratch! Resolving WSUS Connection Errors On Windows Server 2012 R2   Installing and Configuring Microsoft Deployment Toolkit... Continue Reading →

Automated WSUS Maintenance Utility v1.8

In a previous post I wrote about some configuration tweaks to improve the performance of your WSUS server. I also included a short PowerShell script to automate the WSUS maintenance process. I've improved the script somewhat since then, adding more configuration options, this post will serve as a change log and documentation page. This utility... Continue Reading →

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