3D Maze Remix Version 1.1 Update

Version 1.1 Update Now Available in the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 Download for Windows | Download for OS X | Download for Linux I've been working on an update to 3D Maze Remix - a small game I made based on the Windows 95 screensaver: 3D Maze. This update focuses on making the game … Continue reading 3D Maze Remix Version 1.1 Update

App Spotlight: Groove Music

Update 02/10/2017: The Groove Music service is being discontinued, here's the blog post from Microsoft covering the details. A small home project I've been working on recently is trying to consolidate all my personal music files along with deciding on a streaming service. Up until now I've only had my music files on my main … Continue reading App Spotlight: Groove Music

App Spotlight: Plex

Recently I've been looking at my home NAS/media server setup and been wanting to update it. Up until now, I've either watched movie and TV show DVD rips locally on my PC or on my Xbox 360/One through the media apps, served via DNLA from my old QNAP NAS. At some point the experience became very … Continue reading App Spotlight: Plex

Let’s take a look at Windows 10/Xbox’s ‘Play Anywhere’ feature

Time for a fun post. As a Xbox and PC gamer, I wanted to check out whether the 'Play Anywhere' feature worked as well I'd imagined and hoped. I'm glad to say it did, but here's a short video taking a look at what the experience is like for a first time user. -Mike @Digressive … Continue reading Let’s take a look at Windows 10/Xbox’s ‘Play Anywhere’ feature