Installing and Configuring Windows Deployment Services for PXE Booting with Windows Server 2016
· ☕ 8 min read
Windows Deployment Services can not be installed on Windows Server Core unfortunately - it still requires a Windows Server install with a GUI (Desktop Experience). Luckily we can still install it using PowerShell and the command line. In this post I’ll go through the initial steps on how to deploy and configure a WDS server using command line and PowerShell. Important note: If you need the to boot Windows Server 2016 ISO from a USB flash drive, use the Windows USB/DVD Tool available to download direct from Microsoft.

PXE Booting with WDS for UEFI and BIOS Devices
· ☕ 5 min read
UPDATE 2018-04-28: I’ve added the information in this post to a new one completely re-written for Windows Server 2016 here In a previous post (PXE Booting for Microsoft Deployment Toolkit) I mentioned that I would talk about how to set up PXE to deal with VLANs. To be honest I forgot all about it until someone on twitter reminded me - many thanks for the reminder! A lot of what I’m going to go through in this post I learned from this YouTube video from BranchCache Bob, here’s the video.