Video Walkthrough
Video Walkthrough: Microsoft Deployment Toolkit for the Enthusiast, Home or Small Business
· ☕ 1 min read
I have recently published a video walkthrough covering how to use Microsoft Deployment Toolkit to create customised standalone install image of Windows 10. It is directed towards enthusiasts, IT professional’s for small businesses, or anyone who wants to create custom images and doesn’t have access to volume licensing, an Active Directory domain, or a lot of server infrastructure. If you are familiar with my previous articles on MDT then this follows a similar method; except its focused on Windows 10 Home and Professional editions, using the Media Creation Tool to obtain Windows 10, customising the image and then creating an ISO to deploy Windows 10 standalone with additional software.

Video Walkthrough: Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and Deploying Windows 10
· ☕ 1 min read
I’ve made a video walkthrough covering installing Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and deploying Windows 10. The video follows my previous posts on the subject, but I’ve added some additional useful information to cover silent application installation and I also touch on driver management. I intend to write a post that covers the same subjects as this video, just to bring all the information together in written form. If you find the video useful I would very much appreciate it being shared around, and don’t forget to like etc.