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Hi there I’m Mike Galvin. I have been working in IT for almost 20 years, starting with first-line support and moving through several technical roles. I have always been more interested in the problem solving and implementation side of IT ever since I first started rolling out Windows 2000. My primary skills are in server and desktop Operating System deployment, Group Policy, Active Directory, and scripting. This site is where I post solutions I want to share with others in the technical community and documentation about my own scripts and utilities that I create.

Hire Me

If you want to hire me to do any Windows deployment, system administration or any other kind of IT work please contact me here: mike {at}

Support My Work

Thank you to everyone who has donated and supported my work, it’s very much appreciated! Donations are not expected but they do help me pay my bills.

If you would like to support me monetarily, please check out the link below.

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