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Really Useful PowerShell Utilities

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Over the years I’ve built a number of utilities which I’ve grouped up into a collection that I’m calling my Really Useful PowerShell Utilities.

These utilities are primarily built to be run by IT workers as automated tasks, not as end-user programs.

They are maintained on GitHub and PowerShell Gallery, but below are links to the full documentation for each utility on this site.

These are free for anyone to use but if you like them please consider supporting my work:

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If you’d like to get in touch with me please leave a comment, send me a tweet.


Hyper-V Backup Utility

Image Factory Utility

Internet Access Control Utility

Log Manager Utility

Logon Audit Utility

Office Update Utility

On-Prem AD User Creator Utility

Remove MS Store Apps Utility

WSUS Maintenance Utility

Older utilities which have not been updated in a long time:

Auto Create Exchange Mailboxes Version 1.8 Last updated 2019-09-04, no future updates planned.

Automated Office 365 Licensing Version 1.1 Last updated 2019-09-04, no future updates planned.

Network Device Status Monitor (NDSM) Version 2.0 Last updated 2019-10-02

Windows Server Status Monitor (WSSM) Version 1.7 Last updated 2019-09-04

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