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Other Work

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3D Maze Remix - Available for Windows, macOS and Linux

A simple 3D Maze game built in Unity, based off the Windows 9x screensaver.

My Github

My github containing all of my tools, scripts and config files.

Link: Digressive on Github

Warframe Community

Warframe Captura

My captura from Warframe’s excellent photo mode. Most images are unedited, all effects are achieved “in camera”.

Link: Digressive’s Warframe Captura (tumblr)

Warframe Stream Schedule

A countdown and information website to track Warframe livestreams times for different time zones.
Made with HTML,CSS and Javascript

Link: Warframe Stream Schedule

Warframe Release Stats

A google sheet with many formulas release statistics of all the Warframes released in the game ‘Warframe’ by Digital Extremes.

Link: Warframe Release Stats

Community Stream International Timetable (retired)

A google sheet precursor to the Warframe Stream Schedule above. Some interesting formulas used to track times. Retired because it was no longer needed.

Link: Community Stream International Timetable

Warframe Update History and Stats (retired)

A google sheet with a gscript to get forums posts from an RSS feed and a lot of formulas to get statistics about update releases. Retired because I felt it was no longer needed as Warframe now has the full patch notes on the main website.

Link: Warframe Update History and Stats (retired)

Interactive Warframe Update Timeline (retired)

A visual timeline of the Warframe updates for all platforms. Retired because it was no longer needed similar to the reasons for the Update History.

Link: Interactive Warframe Update Timeline (retired)

Gaming YouTube Channel

My channel is very old but these days I share my love of video game music and amusing compilations from Warframe community streams. I use OBS, Adobe Premiere and Davinci Resolve to record and edit my videos.

Link: Digressive on YouTube

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