3D Maze Remix – now available on the Microsoft Store

Just a quick news post to say that my game 3D Maze Remix is now available on the Microsoft store for Windows 10 devices. Check out this page for more information on the game and downloads for other Operating Systems. -Mike, @Digressive on Twitter

Walkthrough: Building a Windows 10 1709 (Fall Creators Update) Reference Image with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit

Update 30/10/2017: If SysPrep is consistently failing when building your Windows 10 1709 image, it is most likely due to the Windows Store update process updating the built in UWP apps. This issue is a known issue, but one I've managed to dodge when building previous versions of Windows 10. With 1709, I've had SysPrep [...]

Windows Update Error Codes

A mirror of http://inetexplorer.mvps.org/archive/windows_update_codes.htm should it ever go down. These are old, but are occasionally still useful. Please excuse the formatting errors, it might be worth copy and pasting out to an excel spreadsheet. -Mike Follow Mike on Twitter - @Digressive   Error Code Dec Error Code Error String Description 0x00000000 -4294967296 Success 0x00000001 -4294967295 ERROR_INVALID_FUNCTION [...]

From Zero to 10 – Windows 10 Deployment Round-up

This is a round-up all my previous posts regarding deployment and configuring Windows 10, installing  Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and Windows Server Update Services into one post for reference. Installing and Configuring a WSUS Server Installing WSUS from scratch! Resolving WSUS Connection Errors On Windows Server 2012 R2 Installing and Configuring Microsoft Deployment Toolkit Getting Started [...]

Walkthrough: Configuring Hyper-V For Support Of Nested Virtual Machines

With Hyper-V it is possible to run VMs inside of VMs without needing to install third-party virtualization software. You might not have the need to run an entire Virtual Machine inside of another, but some upcoming security features of Windows 10 require Hyper-V to be enabled so this could be a way to have those security [...]

PowerShell: Full Backup of Hyper-V Virtual Machines (Update 3.7)

In a previous post I wrote about my Hyper-V backup script, powered by PowerShell. This post will serve as a change log and documentation page, as my previous post was more about how the script is written as a reference. My Hyper-V Backup script can be downloaded from the Microsoft TechNet Gallery and the PowerShell Gallery. [...]

Windows 10 1709 Fall Creators Update Deployment Preview

I've been testing a preview build of Windows 10 1709 - the Fall Creators Update with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and putting it through a few task sequences. I'm happy to say that I've not encountered any issues, which I did with previous updates. Keep reading for more info on my testing below. The main point [...]

PowerShell: Create Active Directory Users In Bulk (Update 1.5)

For years I've had a AD user import VBS script as part of my toolkit, I thought it was about time to update it to PowerShell as well as add a few new features. My AD User Creation script can be downloaded from the Microsoft TechNet Script Cente. Features and Requirements This script requires the Active Directory [...]

3D Maze Remix Version 1.1 Update

Version 1.1 Update Now Available in the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 Download for Windows | Download for OS X | Download for Linux I've been working on an update to 3D Maze Remix - a small game I made based on the Windows 95 screensaver: 3D Maze. This update focuses on making the game [...]

Windows 10 1709 (Fall Creators Update) Available 17th October 2017

I don't usually do these news-type posts (plenty of other blogs for that) but here we are... The next major update of Windows 10 version 1709 also known as the Fall Creators Update has been announced for 17th October 2017. As with 1703 (Creators Update), it will roll out over Windows Update in phases and [...]