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3D Maze Remix - Update v1.1

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3D Maze Remix

Update v1.1

Now Available in the Microsoft Store for Windows 10

Download for Windows, Mac and Linux

I’ve been working on an update to 3D Maze Remix - a small game I made based on the Windows 95 screensaver: 3D Maze. This update focuses on making the game more of a complete package. I’ve focused on improving the look and feel to be more consistent and more accurate to the source material. I’ve also added some features to improve it as a game, such as improved keyboard controls and Xbox controller support.

Please see the full change log below for a complete list of changes.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.


V 1.1 Change Log

  • Added Xbox controller support.
  • Added Pause function.
  • Added a ‘Win’ condition screen.
  • Added new animations for the maze and maze objects.
  • Added alternate keyboard controls.
  • Added a new icon.
  • Added new ‘Start’ button sprite. It is now more authentic to the original.
  • Updated the design of the UI.
  • Reduced stuttering when moving around the maze.
  • Changed the ‘Instructions’ screen to ‘Controls’.
  • Improved keyboard controls and simplified mappings.
  • Improved maze start animation to be more authentic to the original.
  • Improved how the maze sprites are drawn.
  • Improved how the maze textures are drawn to look more accurate to the original.
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