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Hyper-V Backup Utility - Update 20.02.14

Flexible Hyper-V Backup Utility

I’ve spent the past week away from home, and so I’ve been working on refactoring my Hyper-V Backup Utility and adding new features requested by users.

Version 20.02.14 ‘Valentine’ Current known issues:

  • The e-mail report has extra line breaks in Outlook 365, Version 2001.

New features:

  • Refactored code.
  • Fully backwards compatible.
  • Added option to use a working directory to stage backups before moving them to final backup location.
  • Added option to use 7-Zip for backup compression.
  • Added ASCII banner art when run in the console.
  • Added option to disable the ASCII banner art.

Hyper-V Backup Utility can be downloaded from:

See the full documentation available here. A demonstration video is available on my YouTube channel.

If you would like to support me, please check out the links below. Thank you!

If you’d like to contact me, please leave a comment, send me a tweet, or you can join the community on Discord.


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