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Hyper-V Backup Utility - Update 21.05.30

Flexible Hyper-V Backup Utility

Another substantial update. I’ve added the ability to support 7-Zip’s split file function and due to wanting to support for 7-Zip’s other file formats I’ve had to make the difficult decision to alter how the configuration switches are handled. This means that this updated script may not be a simple drop in replacement if you are using a previous version with 7-Zip features.

The biggest change is that when using 7-Zip features you will need to add an additional hyphen ‘-’ to the configuration. For example, to configure the number of threads that 7-Zip uses for compression you will now need to enter -SzThreads -mmt4 otherwise the script will throw an error.

2021-07-13: Version 21.05.30

  • Added additional 7-Zip options. -SzSplit to split archives into configuration volumes.
  • Changed existing switches for 7-Zip options. Users must now add an additional hyphen ‘-’ for 7-Zip options. This has been done to better support features that 7-Zip supports.
  • Changed how old files are removed. Users should take extra care if they are storing non back-up files in the backup location. This has been done so that 7-Zip’s split function can be supported.

Hyper-V Backup Utility can be downloaded from:

See the full documentation available here.
A demonstration video is available on my YouTube channel.

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