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Windows 10 Insider Preview (Creators Update) - New OOBE

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As we hurtle towards the release of the Creators Update, I decided to take a look at the new OOBE (Out Of Box Experience) that users will see when installing the update. The new OOBE has been a part of the Insider preview builds for some time now. It’s main feature is Cortana support, so you can use speech to go through setup which appears to be as much as a cool and useful feature as it is about accessibility. Along with Cortana setup seems more friendly and more straight forward , which I guess as these updates are only going to keep coming, and the OOBE is what most people see when updating, making it an easier and less stressful process makes sense. As for IT Pro’s and the like, I’m sure MDT will be updated to support the Creators Update and I’ll never see the OOBE more than three or four times.

I take great care to test my ideas and make sure my articles are accurate before posting, however mistakes do slip through sometimes.

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