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Hyper-V Backup Utility - Update 22.01.19

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Flexible Hyper-V Backup Utility

This update has substantial under-the-hood changes which may extend the length of time required to backup if you are using the -NoPerms. This is due to the addition of a check for the VM to be in a desired state of ‘off’ and with a status of ‘Operating normally’. In short if a VM is merging disks after a shutdown the script will now wait until that is complete before continuing. This is due to ‘merging disks’ being a ‘status’ flag and not a ‘state’ flag in Hyper-V.

Additional checks have been put in place to ensure that a backup has succeeded before continuing with any removal of old files. If an error is encountered the utility will move on to the next VM.

Finally, when using a VMs list file if there were empty lines the utility would attempted to backup a VM with nothing as the name. This could also lead to entire directories being deleted in error. The list file is now “cleaned” of empty lines on load. With this change and the above changes data loss should be less likely now. This utility is supposed to save data not remove it. :)

Many thanks to people who opened issues in GitHub and helped me make this tool more robust.

2022-01-20: Version 22.01.19

  • Added additional checks for success or failure in the backup, copy/compression process. If it fails none of the previous backups should be removed.
  • When using -NoPerms the utility now waits for disk merging to complete before backing up.
  • Utility now ignores blank lines in VM list file.

Hyper-V Backup Utility can be downloaded from:

See the full documentation available here.

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