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File Admin Permissions

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When browsing files and folders on your file servers as an admin, you receive “You don’t currently have permission to access this folder. Click Continue to permanently get access to this folder.”, even though you should have access and are a member of the “Administrators” or “Domain Admins” group. When clicking “Continue” you are given access, but your user account is added to the permissions list. With many accounts this can make a mess of permissions.


The best thing I’ve found is to make a group for “File Server Admins”, add the required user accounts and then add the group to the permissions list for the required folders/files and give it the required permissions.

You could also launch Windows Explorer as administrator if you just need a quick and dirty work around.

Why this happens

The problem is related to User Account Control (UAC), explorer.exe and using built-in groups such as “Administrators” or “Domain Admins”. Microsoft has a good write up on the problem, here.

This still comes up from time to time and I always have to go looking through my notes. Hopefully this quick post helps you out. :)

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