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Moving the Site - Update 2021-02-16

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Update 2021-02-16

  • Theme changed to add site search.
  • New theme is also more configurable, which I’m happy about. :)
  • Will continue to tweak the site and layout of certain pages that have got garbled in the migration.

Update 2021-02-14

  • Links to old popular articles now have aliases so old links will work.
  • Still working on site-wide search, I may just change the Hugo theme.

I’m currently moving the site from WordPress to Hugo with comments provided by Disqus.

A couple of notes:

  • Links to old articles won’t work (different file structure) but all the articles are still here on the site.
  • Comments are not being migrated over
  • Site search will return soon.

Thanks for your patience!


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