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Logon Audit Utility

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Really simple log on/off auditing utility

Logon Audit Utility is available from:

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Features and Requirements

  • The utility should be run on a client machine.
  • It is ideally triggered as a logon/logoff script by Group Policy.
  • Any files that the script needs to access should be accessible from a client device.
  • It can be used to log to a file, send to a webhook or both.
  • The utility requires at least PowerShell 5.0.
  • Tested on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows Server 2022, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2012 R2.


Here’s a list of all the command line switches and example configurations.

Command Line Switch Description Example
-Logon Use this option to log a log on event. N/A
-Logoff Use this option to log a log off event. N/A
-Webhook The txt file containing the URI for a webhook to send the log file to. [path]webhook.txt
-L The path to output the log file to. [path\logs]
-Help Display usage information. No arguments also displays help. N/A


[path\]Logon-Audit.ps1 -Logon -L [path]

The above command will record a logon event for the currently logged on user to the log file and also to Teams.

Change Log

2023-04-28: Version 23.04.28

  • Changed the -Teams switch to -Webhook to better represent it’s function.

2022-06-14: Version 22.05.30

  • Added checks and balances to help with configuration as I’m very aware that the initial configuration can be troublesome. Running the utility manually is a lot more friendly and step-by-step now.
  • Added -Help to give usage instructions in the terminal. Running the script with no options will also trigger the -help switch.
  • Cleaned user entered paths so that trailing slashes no longer break things or have otherwise unintended results.
  • Added -LogRotate [days] to removed old logs created by the utility.
  • Streamlined config report so non configured options are not shown.
  • Added donation link to the ASCII banner.
  • Cleaned up code, removed unneeded log noise.

2021-12-08: Version 21.12.08

  • Configured logs path now is created, if it does not exist.
  • Added OS version info.
  • Added Utility version info.
  • Added Hostname info.
  • Changed a variable to prevent conflicts with future PowerShell versions.

2020-03-12: Version 20.03.12 ‘Chick’

  • Added option to send an event to Microsoft Teams.
  • Refactored code.
  • Fully backwards compatible.

2019-09-28 v1.0

  • Initial public release.
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