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PowerShell Utilities Update

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The following Utilities have all received major updates:

Hyper-V Backup Utility

Image Factory Utility

Internet Access Control Utility

Log Manager Utility

Logon Audit Utility

Office Update Utility

On-Prem AD User Creator Utility

Remove MS Store Apps Utility

WSUS Maintenance Utility


  • Added checks and balances to help with configuration as I’m very aware that the initial configuration can be troublesome. Running the utility manually is a lot more friendly and step-by-step now.
  • Added -Help to give usage instructions in the terminal. Running the script with no options will also trigger the -help switch.
  • Cleaned user entered paths so that trailing slashes no longer break things or have otherwise unintended results.
  • Added -LogRotate [days] to removed old logs created by the utility.
  • Streamlined config report so non configured options are not shown.
  • Added donation link to the ASCII banner.
  • Cleaned up code, removed unneeded log noise.

Specific changes and fixes are listed on the specific page for the Utility.

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