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App Spotlight: Directory Opus

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Directory Opus is a file manager – remember those? I haven’t thought about them for years. DOpus (as it’s known for short) has a long history starting on the Commodore Amiga where in later versions it was available as a Workbench (the Amiga’s operating system) replacement. I only used Directory Opus version 4 on the Amiga, but it was a great file manager and was a great tool to have back then.

Directory Opus 4 on the Commodore Amiga

Directory Opus became available on Windows in the early 2000’s and is now up to version 12. I’ve been using it non-stop over the last few weeks to do a lot of file management where it’s really helped provide more features over standard Windows file explorer. DOpus is incredibly configurable. Almost everything about the program can be customised, even the visual aspects of the program, down to the icons. There is an active community around the program providing user created themes as well as advice and support. Support is also available from the developers. DOpus can be used as a separate program or as a complete Windows explorer replacement, much like the old Amiga versions of the program could be used to fully replace the OS. Even though there are plenty of free Windows file managers, Directory Opus is fully featured and, in my opinion, worth the $90 Australian. That is a one-time payment for the current version and all updates to the next major version. Looking back at the release history, major versions come out every few years and upgrade prices are discounted. You can run the program in evaluation mode for up to 60 days and see if it suits your needs. I highly recommend Directory Opus. It handles millions of files, complex operations and can help make heavy file management tasks much more manageable. You can check out Directory Opus at GPSoft’s website here:

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