Windows 11
Windows 11 21H2 Customisation
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Windows 11 is very similar to Windows 10 is terms of technology and core services, however with the new UI and Start Menu refresh there are some new elements that you may want to remove. Start Menu and Taskbar Layouts - Current Issues Another change with Windows 11 is the format of the exported Start Menu layout, it is now a .json file instead of XML. Unfortunatly, there is a currently an issue where importing the Start Menu layout fails with an error.

Windows 11 Microsoft Store Apps
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This post is a cut down version of this one and only focusses on Windows 11, for clarity. Important note! A “provisioned app” is an app that is a part of the Windows 11 installation and will be availible for all users. Otherwise the app is only installed for the currently logged on user. To remove apps for all future users and the currently logged on user, you must remove both types of app.

Remove MS Store Apps Utility
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Customisable Windows 10/11 Microsoft Store App removal utility, previously known as Remove-Win10-Apps Remove MS Store Apps Utility can also be downloaded from: The Microsoft PowerShell Gallery GitHub Please consider supporting my work: Sign up using Patreon. Support with a one-time donation using PayPal. If you’d like to contact me, please leave a comment, send me a tweet or DM, or you can join my Discord server.

Removing Included Microsoft Store Apps from Windows 10 & Windows 11
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