Quick update: Windows 10 2004 (20H1)
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Update 2020-06-13: An update for Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT_KB4564442) has been released. This update fixes the boot loop issue and replaces Johan’s workaround with an officially supported fix. Details on how to install it are on Michael Niehaus' blog post here. and you can download the fix here. I will add installation instructions to the walkthrough here. Hi all, So far I’ve had no success with building and capturing a Windows 10 2004 image with MDT and the 1903 ADK (including WinPE) or the pre-release ADK and WinPE.

Hyper-V Backup Utility - Update 20.02.28
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Flexible Hyper-V Backup Utility Just a minor update to fix a non-critical issue with the previous version and to bring it in line with the recent update of the Image Factory Utility. 2020-02-28: Version 20.02.28 β€˜Artifact’ Fixed e-mail report extra line breaks in Outlook 365, Version 2001. Config report matches design of Image Factory Utility. Improved and simplified code. Hyper-V Backup Utility can be downloaded from: The Microsoft PowerShell Gallery GitHub See the full documentation available here.

Image Factory Utility - Update 20.02.24
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Automate Creation of WIM Files I’ve just completed testing the new Image Factory Utility. It’s been completely overhauled and has some small new features added. 2020-02-27: Version 20.02.24 β€˜Robot’ New features: Refactored code. Fully backwards compatible. Added ASCII banner art when run in the console. Added option to disable the ASCII banner art. Image Factory Utility can also be downloaded from: The Microsoft PowerShell Gallery GitHub See the full documentation available here.

Hyper-V Backup Utility - Update 20.02.14
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Flexible Hyper-V Backup Utility I’ve spent the past week away from home, and so I’ve been working on refactoring my Hyper-V Backup Utility and adding new features requested by users. Version 20.02.14 β€˜Valentine’ Current known issues: The e-mail report has extra line breaks in Outlook 365, Version 2001. New features: Refactored code. Fully backwards compatible. Added option to use a working directory to stage backups before moving them to final backup location.

Windows 10: 5 Years Later
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Windows 10 is five years old this year. In ‘old world’ terms, it would be about time for a brand-new release around summer/autumn time but alas, this is no longer the case with the software-as-a-service model. With this year being such a milestone for Windows 10 and with the end of life of Windows 7 – Microsoft’s most popular OS in recent times, I thought it would be good to take a look back and review Windows 10’s progress these past few years.

An explanation and changes ahead for the coming year.
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Hi all, You might have noticed some changes in the last few months to the site and the content - specifically that some posts go up with passwords on them initially and I want to explain why this is. I’ve decided to start a Patreon and also accept donations from anyone who is willing to “toss a coin to your Tech-Witcher”. One of the rewards to anyone who becomes a patron (at any level) is early access to articles on the site and videos on my new tech focussed YouTube channel.

Team Viewer Silent Install and Configuration
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In order to make a recent Bash Bunny payload, I needed to investigate how to install and configure Team Viewer without user interaction. This post will go through how I achieved that. My TeamViewer configuration was focussed around setting a personal password (a static password that can be used to access the computer) and installing TeamViewer as a service so the computer can be remotely controlled without a user being active.

Get Started with Windows Update for Business (WUfB)
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You may have seen the option to use Windows Update for Business and wondering what it brings to the table when compared to WSUS and SCCM. Windows Update for Business (WUfB) is a good way of simplifying and automating the deployment of Windows Updates without using any on-premises infrastructure. The downside is that you do loose some control, but the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. As I always say, it does depend on your infrastructure and environment though.

App Spotlight: Directory Opus
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Directory Opus is a file manager – remember those? I haven’t thought about them for years. DOpus (as it’s known for short) has a long history starting on the Commodore Amiga where in later versions it was available as a Workbench (the Amiga’s operating system) replacement. I only used Directory Opus version 4 on the Amiga, but it was a great file manager and was a great tool to have back then.

The New Microsoft Edge - The Microsoft Alternative To Chrome
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Microsoft have been developing an all new version of their web browser Edge and will release it in early 2020. If you are familiar with the existing Edge browser, it’s the same in name only - the new Microsoft Edge is vastly improved in many ways. The new Edge is now based on Chromium, the same project that Google’s Chrome browser is based on. So, this new version of Edge will share all the compatibility that Chromium based browsers have.

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit for the Enthusiast, Home or Small Business
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This article is directed towards enthusiasts, IT professional’s for small businesses, or anyone who wants to create custom images and doesn’t have volume licensing, an Active Directory domain, or a lot of server infrastructure. I hope this article is useful to you, if it is please consider supporting my work by checking out my Patreon or by donating with PayPal. In this walkthrough we’re going to cover: Installing Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and its dependencies on Windows 10 Home/Pro Edition.

The Tale of the Fail of Google Stadia
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Disclaimer: This isn’t my personal experience with Stadia as I’ve haven’t tried it myself, either during it’s beta phase or in its current state. xCloud and Stadia comparisons: xCloud currently only streams to phones and tablets running Android and is in a preview phase. Stadia has had a preview phase, which was available as an invite-only beta, using Google Chrome and playing Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, and is now a released product and service.

Installing Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and Deploying Windows 10 - From Scratch!
· β˜• 16 min read
If you’ve read my other posts you’ll know that usually I make a post focusing on building a reference image and then another post on deploying that image. This post is very similar but I’m going to streamline things by just covering the installation of MDT, and deploying Windows 10 1909. I have also recently published a video walkthrough covering this. What you’ll need: A server to host the MDT share.